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This website uses cookies to ensure the best browsing experience. Some of them are required, other help us to optimize the website for you.
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The page is the property CFON SIA (registration number 40203210522, legal address G. Zemgala gatve 80 - 143, Riga LV-1039, Latvia), specially developed for the CFON telecommunication application. This User Agreement is mandatory for familiarization when using the Site and Application of our Company. It is considered that the User automatically gives their consent by using the services rendered by the Company while being not familiarized, regardless of whether they are registered or not. The agreement may be updated. In case of changes, we will always inform you about this by e-mail and/or push notification. Using our services after receiving a notification is equivalent to agreeing to new conditions.

1. Terms of the Agreement Acceptance

This instruction is an electronic Agreement that indicates the nature of the mutual relations between the User and the Company in the field of telecommunications services. CFON has the right to change the terms of the Agreement, while notifying its users about the changes that have come in force.

2. Key Requirements

In accordance with legislation in force, each User visiting the page who wants to register and use our service must be at least 18 years old. The User’s account may remain disabled in case of revealing an illegal activity or non–compliance with use conditions by the User. Access to the disabled account remains permanently closed. By registering, the User automatically confirms own competence in using our service and the consent with the policies and conditions of the Company.

3. Legal Accountability for the Account

The account holder is fully responsible for it, namely:

- For storage of accesses (the password);
- For any transactions and payments;
- For any activity on the Site;
- For supervision of minors (if the account is held by a User under the age of 18).

4. Misuse and Commerce

CFON service was established for promotion and commercial sales of products of CFON Every User must follow the provisions contained herein and ensure that their activities as a User do not go beyond these conditions. Any commercial activity is prohibited on the Site, except for cases of partnership agreements of the CFON service with official representatives of third parties. The users are guarantors and responsible persons for their individual use of the CFON service and website.

5. Materials from Third Parties and Users of CFON

Some of the materials, information and data on the CFON website may be posted by third parties or users of the service. Responsibility for this lies with the author of the materials, and not the owners of the web page. We are also not obliged to monitor and verify the accuracy of the data provided, but we reserve the right to monitor, edit, delete and use information without warning and reporting.

6. CFON and Third-Party Sites

In addition to the original content, the CFON website can host links and references to third–party resources and web services. This is done primarily for the convenience of users, whether it is navigating to social networks or referring to Google’s privacy policy. However, CFON is not the owner of these web services and is not responsible for the materials posted on them or for the policies of third-party companies. CFON does not in any way control such resources, it is not responsible for advertising, products and services on them and it is not responsible for possible violations or causing of harm as a result of using of such sites and the activities of third parties.

7. Intellectual Property of CFON

Use of CFON intellectual property is subject to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Only CFON and its authorized representatives have the right to distribute this property. The provision of CFON programming and materials by unapproved distributors is prohibited and it is related to rogue activity due to copyright violation and by the EULA agreement. Please, inform us if you discover an unauthorized sale of our products and programming.

8.CFON service cost

CFON payment agreement:

- Registration on is free;
- App installation is also free;
- The total cost of the call is based on the rates approved at the time of connection;
- The price list only shows the prices of the connection between the CFON and the target number;
- Our company has no influence on the connection rates between the customer's mobile device and the CFON;
- The prices include VAT;
- CFON service charges a one-time fee when connecting to the end subscriber;
- Debit occurs every minute of connection;
- The connection may be interrupted if there are no costs on the account.
All details can be read in the "Service description" section, here.

9. Terms of Payment for the CFON Services

Some CFON services may be payable by the User. At present the available methods of payment are by Visa/MasterCard credit cards.  After choosing a service, a User goes to the payment service page where they need to fill in all the required relevant data. The User is absolutely responsible for the correctness of the entered information when making a payment. CFON is not a guarantor and it is not responsible for the correctness of the transaction, as it is not authorized to dispose of such data and control the process of making a purchase. After payment, the User will again be redirected to the CFON website.

10. CFON Technical Support

In addition to basic services, our service offers sustainable technical support. It is available 24/7 by email or telephone. Some services may not be available due to technical problems for an indefinite period of time. In such cases, we do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible. During lack of access to the service, no fee will be charged.

11. CFON Bonuses

As part of marketing campaigns and promotions, the Company has the right to assign Users a Bonus for making free calls in order to check the quality and familiarize themselves with the CFON service. The company reserves the right to cancel the assigned bonus if fraudulent activity or misuse of the bonus is suspected.

12. CFON Service Agreement Cancellation Terms

The Agreement between the User and the CFON service is considered valid while the former continues visiting and using the services of our Company. In this case, all the conditions of our Company’s policy are valid for this User. Every User has the right to cancel the Agreement within 14 days from the date of the Agreement. It is required to send a written application about the refusal to use the CFON service and withdrawal of the User Agreement. The application shall be sent to It will be satisfied after consideration, as a result of which the Agreement will be cancelled, all payments will be refunded to User within 14 days from the date of consideration, and the User will be prohibited from further use of the CFON services. All User’s personal data will be deleted.

13. Copyright

All rights reserved in accordance with the European law. All Site’s content is protected by copyright and other rights, whether it pertains to images, gif animations, texts, audio or video files. The CFON page also assumes the possibility of using certain materials that belong to third parties. The use of these materials was previously agreed upon, or they might be inadvertently posted on the Site. If you notice this, please, email to to settle the situation together. The letter must indicate:

1. The electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner or official representative authorized to apply on behalf of the owner;
2. The identifier proving the placement of materials to be protected by the copyright clause;
3. Examples of use by the CFON service of copyrighted materials that are subject to deletion;
4. The full name, address, phone number and email of the owner of the materials;
5. A statement banning the voluntary use of the copyrighted object in the CFON service;
6. A statement on the responsible acceptance of criminal liability in the event that the applicant does not have valid authorization regarding materials that were posted on the CFON service platforms.

In all other cases, all sections of are owned by CFON and subject to the protection of trademark rights.

14. The CFON Service Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our service is available at the link.

15. Guarantees Provided by the CFON Service

CFON accepts no liability or guarantee:

- For a possible violation of copyright on the Site;
- For materials provided by users and third parties;
- For information, materials and services on pages of third parties;
- For the safety of protection of intellectual property of third parties;
- For the safety of inheritance rights of third parties;
- For suitability of products for users;
- For access provided by the service to users;
- For using the provided accesses;
- For the accuracy, correctness, reliability of the data posted on the Site;
- For transmitting or transferring the CFON service.

All information posted on the CFON web service can be arbitrarily changed, deleted and tracked. The service does its best to protect users from malicious materials and offenders, but cannot guarantee the complete safety of users.

16. Reimbursement for Legal Costs

If there are legal lawsuits in connection with the activities of the CFON service, the User assumes the full coverage of costs for the service, its Company, subsidiaries, Company’s agents and employees. Third parties and users carry responsibility and equally cover the Company's expenses in the event of violation of the CFON service’s rights and occurrence of losses for the Company.

17. Selection of Legislation and Judicial System

CFON is subject to Latvian Republic jurisdiction and its laws. The User employing the CFON service automatically agrees to appeal to this jurisdiction and redirect all proceedings to Arbitration Court of Latvia.

18. Provision on the Stated Agreement

This Agreement is the property of CFON. It can be changed, transferred, modified or canceled by the Company's management at any moment. Copying, use, modification by users and third parties are not allowed.

19. Limitations on the Use and Rendering of CFON Services

This clause confirms the geographical and technical limitations of the CFON services. Our service may not be available in all regions and on all devices, so we ask users to preliminary make sure that the offer of our Company is relevant on an individual basis. CFON is not responsible if the product is unavailable for the above reasons. We also reserve the right to change the conditions of limitations, as well as add new ones. Any offers not owned by CFON and not specified by partnership agreement are prohibited for placement on the platforms of our Company.

20. Integrity

The stated contract is an integral set of conditions in the relationship between users and the service. It is subject to applicable law and may change in accordance with it. Sections that will be irrelevant in relation to legislative law lose their legal force.