This website uses cookies to ensure the best browsing experience. Some of them are required, other help us to optimize the website for you.

This site uses cookies!
This website uses cookies to ensure the best browsing experience. Some of them are required, other help us to optimize the website for you.
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What are "Cookies"?

Cookies are small files with information stored on the device for the browsed web services. The stored information does not relate to personal data because cookies store only the name of the browsed page and the unique identifier of the browser whereby the site "recognizes" the user on the following visits. The recorded data is not stored forever — cookies exist only for the time specified by the site.

Cookies and CFON

The general policy of the CFON website assumes the usage of cookies and similar technologies on all Internet pages that belong to this company. Cookies can also be used for the application on a mobile phone or tablet. When visiting the CFON website, a user should first of all familiarize themselves with the following provisions and confirm their consent to the use of cookies.
In order to prohibit the use of cookies, a user needs to change the browser settings or should not use our service at all. Otherwise, further CFON web browsing will amount to the consent to use of such technologies on our page.

The service uses cookies for the well-defined purposes, namely:

For faster and easier use of the CFON website pages;
For more relevant selection of advertising materials and announcements regarding the expectations and interests of the user on our website;
For anonymous targeted statistics on the effectiveness and relevance of the CFON page, a comparison of the functionality and quality of the content (Google Analytics). Cookies are not used for the following purposes:

To track the user;
To obtain personal data (age, gender, location, etc.);
To identify the user’s personality.
The policy of using cookies on CFON pages implies the complete anonymization of the user until the moment the user provides their personal data on their own. The files themselves are stored within not more than 1 month.

Types of Cookies Used

Only two types of cookies are used by our service.
Session cookies which exist only while a user navigates the website. That is, when the user closes the CFON page, all session cookies of our service will be automatically deleted by their browser.
Persistent cookies which, unlike with the session ones, have a lifespan and are saved after the closing of site. Namely, these cookies help to collect anonymous statistics and take into account the preferences of users.

Third-Party Cookies

CFON also uses special cookies from third-party pages — primarily due to synchronization with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). It is also required for functional extension of CFON: for example, for the ability to like our page on Facebook.

The Role of Cookies in Google Analytics

As it was mentioned above, CFON also uses cookies to implement web analytics services from Google Inc. ("Google"). This is intended to create and display advertisements and offers in accordance with the interests of users. More details about the Google Analytics service operating conditions are here.
Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

Protecting Confidential Information in CFON

Cookies are one paragraph of the General Privacy Policy of the CFON Web Service. Further information on remaining sections of our policy is available at the following link.